Chairman's Message

For over two decades, East Star has been empowering the region with a spectrum of world-class products and services. We began as a small family business in Bahrain in 2002 and we continue to grow and diversify, establishing joint ventures throughout the region, and adapting to the changing demands of our rapidly evolving market.

We chose the name East Star because it represents our regional presence and our vision of becoming one of the leading business groups in the region, like a shining star.

East Star was originally established to provide unique, high quality products and services that would enrich the lives of the people of Bahrain and stimulate economic growth within the Kingdom. We believe that our tremendous growth and success are attributed to our resolute focus on our customers and consumers, and our determination to provide them with flexible and diversified solutions. In fact we refer to our customers as our partners, since they are integral to our success. For us, success is measured based on the satisfaction of our customers.

East Star is proudly made up of a talented workforce of dedicated professionals with the technical knowledge to offer focused expertise in our diversified sectors. It is their professional integrity, their passion, and their commitment to our customers that have enabled us to provide such high quality services and achieve such tremendous growth.

Looking towards the future, we will continue to grow and diversify our operations, offering flexible solutions and expanding our regional presence. We are committed to investing in the long-term progress of East Star by building upon our business and ensuring the fulfillment of our current and prospected partners into the future.

Majeed Almubarak, Chairman of East Star